July 22, 2008

Owl Sighting

Tonight R and I had to get Buckaroo out of the house because he was having a conniption, so we took him for a walk in the rain. We were just past the mailboxes when we spotted a barn owl in flight. He landed on an oak and stared at us for a long time, but he wouldn't give us a hoot. When he flew away again we couldn't even see him; he blended in with the trees so perfectly.
I wonder if he's eating all of the chippies. There are very few around this year which leaves loads of blueberries for us!
We got drenched in the rain, even Buckaroo because he refused to sit quietly in the jogger with the rain cover. I told R that I really do like the rain and thunder and lightning, but I know that the summer season is exceptionally short here, so every day of rain is one less day of sunshine-- and then, bam: snow.
Everyone says that this is an unusual amount of rain, which fits right in with the unusual amount of snow they had last winter, I guess. Alright then weather, I say. Get it all out of your system now so we can have a few mild years while I warm up to New England.

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