August 17, 2008

Blueberries & Marshmallows

Today was a slow day, and it started with a lie-in (as Obo likes to call it). R woke up early with Buckaroo and let me sleep blissfully for a couple more hours. It was delightful and so needed.
We took Buckaroo for a walk and visited all of the neighbors. He likes to say hello and bye bye with a wave.
We shopped at good ol' Market Basket. R pointed out that the checkers and baggers are all teens here because they probably aren't union like in California. But would that explain why the young woman bagger who squished my hamburger with my watermelon one week was the checker when I went back the next time?
In the afternoon we picked blueberries on our beach, and they are so much sweeter now. Next year I'm definitely waiting until August before I turn my fingers blue.
The water was so calm this evening, so we tootled around in the boat. Buckaroo likes to go fast and feel the wind whipping through his hair. Sweet Potato dreamed about the winter when she'll be able to snow shoe out to the islands.
After Buckaroo's bed time, the three of us roasted marshmallows in the chimney thing. I'm really not sure what to call that thing. I dreamed of adding another floor to the house and tearing down walls.
Now it's bed time and I have a couple of rows to stitch on my scarf. Unfortunately, I tried to knit last night after drinking a couple glasses of wine, and it didn't look quite right this morning. I'll never drink and stitch again!
Oh, but my neighbor, G, is a knitter. Yay! She is a year-rounder, too, so she's going to help me when I get to the end of my skein. Wait, I think I live at the end of my skein. Har har.

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