August 3, 2008

Day Twelve: The Pickity Place & a Party

Ok, so I'm giving Band Girl's Mom a new name, even though it's confusing, because she really is her own person, so from now on she's Doula Mom-- also, that's easier to write.
This is Doula Mom with Buckaroo in the garden at The Pickity Place after we had the most scrumptious lunch. Doula Mom invited me there to see the herb gardens, have some lunch, and check out the house on which the first illustration of Little Red Riding Hood was based.
They have Grandma's room all set up, complete with a wolf in the bed.

For lunch we ate:
herby vegetable soup (Buckaroo's fave)
bread with molasses ginger butter
crackers with sun dried tomato and herb spread
green salad with spicy-ish, herby ranch
fettuccine with spinach, olives, and herbs
scone with strawberries and lemon flavored whipped cream and mint
Also, spiced tea.
Lots of herbs. Yum, and they all come from the plethora of herb gardens, through which we later meandered. I was very excited to see a berry bush similar to one we have growing near the lake, and I asked loudly if anyone knew what it was (I've been asking everyone around the lake, and no one could tell me). A very nice gentleman told me that it's a honeysuckle. I've never seen a honeysuckle like it, but apparently it's quite the invasive, non-native nightmare in New England. Too bad, though. It's so purty.

Here I am in front of the honeysuckle with Buckaroo. We also encountered a couple of froggies that splashed away when Doula Mom tried to pet them, and the teeny tiniest hummingbird I have ever seen. He was kind of red and looked like a giant bee.

It was the perfect way to begin a Sunday. Plus, Doula Mom gave me a housewarming gift of the cocktail glasses that I'd been eyeballing at Pier 1 Imports. Now R will have to work on his martini when he returns.

Buckaroo and I dashed home, changed a diaper, and hit the road again for his grampy's birthday celebration an hour and a half in the other direction. When we got there Buckaroo had a fabulous time pushing himself backward in the Fred Flinstone car, swimming in the pool with his uncle, and visiting the "woof woofs." I enjoyed a lovely cocktail concoction made with raspberry stoli, and boy did I need it after my brother-in-law told me how much I'm going to despise and detest the New England winter, and how I'm never going to last.

My friend Doula Mom, though, says she never goes out in the snow in the winter, and she doesn't even own snow boots. She just spends her time at the mall. This could work for me. Maybe I could snow shoe myself to the mall.

And that is the end of our day


Anonymous said...

What a day you had. Chucker full of fun. Thanks for posting the pics. It makes me miss you guys more but nice to see you just the same. -r

Suzanne said...

And you wore your cute new clothes! I still think they look so you. Oh my, that monkey of yours is looking so big. Thanks for detailing your food items -- yummy, yummy!

Anonymous said...

I love you guys. QW