August 23, 2008

Giardia Worries

When I told R and the FMF that I was worried about Buckaroo getting giardia because he keeps drinking the lake water they said, "You're worried about what?" and then they told me giardia must be a California thing.

It's not a California thing, and it's caused by the beavers and muskrats hanging out in the water too long, among other things.
People with shallow wells, like ours, are particularly susceptible. Now I feel like we need to test all the water everywhere. The Center for Disease Control says we should just test for fecal matter because if there's no poop, there's no giardia.
Meanwhile, Buckaroo seems to be healthy, but I'm keeping a sharp eye on him just in case.
In happier news, today I bought us a DVD player. I'm not sure why we waited so long because it was only $35. R says he kept forgetting. We're thinking of getting rid of cable, though, because we were perfectly happy without it in California, and the few times we've tried to watch TV, it took us a half an hour to cruise the 500 channels only to find the Home Shopping Network. Boo. Plus, it cost some insane amount of money.
Sweet Potato will be disappointed, though, as she's become addicted to Wizards of Waverly Place.
Tonight we had the FMF over for dinner, and R practiced some cocktails on all of us. I'm not a fan of whiskey it turns out (the truth is I really prefer a Coke over most alcoholic beverages, but I feel guiltier when I drink the Dark Drink). The kids ran around on the beach at sunset, we gobbled down our food before the mosquitoes could chomp on us, and then we went for a boat ride around the lake.
The kids took turns driving the boat, and at the end R zoomed as fast as the boat would go with eight people aboard. The FMF girls loved it and squealed with glee while their hair whipped wildly in the wind. All the girls had ratty 80s hair when we docked.

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Anonymous said...

FMF had a rat's nest do until morning! I couldn't even brush it - had to shower which I wasn't scheduled to do til Mon! It looked like the straw stuffing was falling outta my head. Thanks for the breezy boat ride (and the yummy concoction). Us yanks aren't used to quite so much excitement. Don't worry so much about the poop:)