August 30, 2008

Giving a Fig

My friend Tri Mama (she participates in sprint triathlons, energetic woman!) goes to Whole Foods every two weeks, and Whole Foods is the only happy place where figs are sold in this part of the state, but at least there's one.
So Tri Mama went to the happy place, bought four baskets of figs for me, and I drove to Templeton to pick them up yesterday. It's a hike, but not as far as the farm stand in Wenham. I'll go anywhere for a fig!
She says that baby fig trees are sold at the Garlic festival in September (or October?), and she grows hers indoors during the winter. Her tree is a year old and has yet to produce a fig, but maybe it needs another little fig tree around to do its magic. So much to learn about a fig.
For now I'll be happy to eat mine with blue cheese and prosciutto. Yummy.
In other news: R accepted a job offer and starts his new job on Oct. 1. It's with a consulting company, so mucho driving, but then some working from home, too. We hope.
Also, Sweet Potato figured out how to open her locker. I drove her back up to the school Thursday evening, so she could give it a whirl without the stress of others watching.
And finally, Buckaroo has learned to slide solo. He has a little trouble putting both feet in front of him and sometimes slides in the splits position, but he enjoys it anyway.

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