August 11, 2008

Three Days and a Wake-Up

They are mosquito larvae! The biology people say I should leave them alone because they're an important part of the food chain. Bah Humbug. Or maybe that's Huminsect. Well, the flowerpots are not on our property, so I'll just let the neighbor decide what to do with them.
Oh, but if I put them in the lake the fish could eat them, right? What to do?
Today is another rainy one. I have to say that it's really bringing me down, and I also have to say that it's not helpful to say to a recently transplanted Cali mama, "You're really going to hate the winters here. You've never shoveled snow before? Ha! It's going to destroy your marriage and send you packing back to your home state."
Especially when said Cali mama is already drenched in the deity-forsaken summer rain.
Today is colder, too. Right now I'm wearing sweatpants and two long-sleeve shirts. It doesn't help that my hair never dries. I'm going to throw myself into the dryer.
Well, this is a bleak little post. But here's something: Three days and a wake-up until R and Sweet Potato return from the smokey state. That's Navy talk, ya know. Can I use it if I'm not the one traveling, though? Well, Buckaroo and I have to travel into Boston, so that's like meeting the family halfway.

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