August 12, 2008

Two Days and a Wenham

Buckaroo and I ventured out to the seaside today for some frolic. The forecasters called for rain, but luckily the weather didn't listen to them. It was sunshiney all day long and just sprinkled on us driving home.

We went to visit my new friend Knitter Bee and her kids, Kayak Boy and Equestrianess in Wenham. When I told R I was going to Wenham he said, "Are you going to beat 'em, too?" Not sure if that's a MA joke or just his funky brain. Now you see why I lurve him.

Knitter Bee is a cousin of a former co-worker in California, so Bee and I have chatted via email since I moved here. She lives in a recently renovated house full of sunshine. Oh, the light! Plus, a wrap-around porch. I have to say I felt a little envy in my heart.

Also, Knitter Bee has the best laugh-- so full and infectious. The kind of laugh you want to hang around.

She made us a delicious lunch of lentil soup (a big hit with the little man) and grilled cheese sandwiches. Then we dashed about here and there. We picked up Equestrianess at the stable and patted the horses. Buckaroo was somewhat intimidated by the size of a horse, which was probably a good thing after the way he manhandled the family dog.

Then we were off to Yarns in the Farms where I picked up the most gorgeous aubergine (don't ya love that fancy word for purple) yarn ever. Fat llama yarn and fat needles for a big, cozy scarf. The yarn store is tiny, and the owner fills it up with rich color and her own easy laughter. She just returned from visiting a home for disabled people in Guatemala where she donated oodles of yarn.

Across the street from the yarn store is an ice cream stand, so of course we had to pop over. Buckaroo and I behaved ourselves and shared lemon sorbet. Scrum diddly dum. While sitting on the bench eating our dessert, we all lamented the dearth of ice cream stands in California. Did I mention that Knitter Bee is from Lodi and even has family in my hometown? Crazy small world.

Next we trotted off to Gloucester to get a glimpse of the ocean and pick up Kayak Boy from camp. Knitter Bee helped me cast on my scarf while we waited, and Equestrianess entertained Buckaroo in the back seat and reminisced about her Raffi days.

Finally, we zipped over to Hamilton for a visit to the Appleton farm where Knitter Bee picked up some produce and flowers and Buckaroo attempted to trample the crops.

Back at the house, Buckaroo chased a very patient Cosmo Dog around the house while Knitter Bee made pasta and veggies. Good stuff. We sat out on the porch until the evening cooled and Buckaroo fell apart.

Two minutes into the drive home and he was asleep, and it was a good thing because Mr. GPS lead me down the windy backroads.

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What a lovely day!!! QW