August 27, 2008


Besides turning orange, yellow, and red, the trees are being engulfed by these giant webs. When I first saw them I said to R, "Those must be some gigantic Aragog-type spiders," but no. R said they were moths, and he was right.

Well, at this stage they're still web worms, which is an unfortunate name for a creature. In May they'll become moths. The good news is that they don't harm the trees at all. Shew! I was starting to worry about those trees.

Today Buckaroo and I had a lovely playdate in Templeton--isn't that the name of Wilbur's rat? It sure does sound familiar. Then later Buckaroo spent some time with the FMF while R and I attended a very thorough introduction to the 6th grade.

In other news, I am unraveling my aubergine scarf-- not all of it, just the first half. My neighbor, G, told me to bind off the first half and start the second and crochet them together. I don't know how to crochet, but I thought I'd cross that bridge later. Knitter Bee, though, told me I could just tie the second skein of yarn on to the first and keep going. Der. So now I'm off to unravel and start again. Ah, well. It's not cold enough for a scarf yet anyway.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with Knitter Bee, I know there's is an easier method and I'll show you when I come out. The times I had to unravel, we were told it was called "cleansing" Oh, well, pulling out all your hard work just adds experience. Luv QW