August 22, 2008

A Walk in the Woods

We all feel a little like we've been attacked by dementors over here since Obo didn't come home, but we're keeping out toes up as best we can (that's a water skiing expression, according to R).

Today Sweet Potato and I took Buckaroo for a walk in the jogging stroller. It wasn't really a walk in the woods; it was more of a walk down a windy road where the cars drove too fast and swervy, but it was pretty.

My friend Knitter Bee called this morning and told me the first trees to turn red are the swamp maples-- she also told me there's a much easier way to make a scarf than what I've attempted, but that's another post.

Sweet Potato and I set off to see the swamp maples along the road home, but they turned out to be a wee bit too far for SP's liking. She got hot, itchy, and had to pee, so we turned around. We did see these lovely red maples, though, so that was something.

We saw a couple of other lovelies as well, including this very photogenic dragonfly. He all but said Cheese.
Also, these pretty girls. No idea what they are, but they seem to grow on a ground vine.

So now we are pouring into our wounded bosoms the balm of home-made blueberry syrup, made with hand-picked blueberries from the lake. Yesterday we poured it on our wheat-free pancakes, but now I think I'll try it on lemon sorbet.

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