August 29, 2008

Water Skiing Wonder

Yesterday the UPS guy brought us new water skis. R was kind enough to order some that are special for beginner types, and he ordered me a spiffy life vest, too. We invited our neighbors, Puppy Boy and his mama, to ski with us and help out with the Buckaroo, and just like that we were all out there on the lake.
The wonder is that I pulled myself up out of the water and skied for about 20 seconds. It's an amazing feat for me. I've tried to ski before without success, so I'm fairly certain it was all R's teaching skills that did the trick.
I felt like a newborn foal up there with my knees knocking together-- or like a newborn foal would feel if she were sliding across a lake at great speed. Silly. It doesn't matter, though; I've got ski fever. I can't wait to try it again. Now that I know I have the strength to do it, I'm determined to ride the wake for 40 seconds.
Oh, and Puppy Boy tried for the first time, pulled himself up on the second try and skied half way around the lake.
Next up, Sweet Potato.

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Anonymous said...

Way to go T!! Luv QW