September 5, 2008

The Case of the Missing Math Book

The day Sweet Potato received her math book (Tuesday), her teacher told the class a detailed story involving two boys and two math books-- one lost and one stolen. She warned them to be very, very careful about where they kept their books and to never give out their locker combinations.
That's the last time Sweet Potato remembers seeing her math book.
Yesterday we had a whole search party checking every nook and cranny of the house-- nothing. I drove her back to school to search (no short trip)-- nothing.
There were an overwhelming number of tears shed last night. Sweet Potato is certain she will be forever marked as "The Girl Who Lost Her Math Book."
She was somber as she left the house this morning to face her fate. The really bad news is that today is picture day, and she's going to have swollen, puffy eyes for the photo. I hope they have picture do-over day out here.


Suzanne said...

Oh my goodness! Oh sweet, Sweet Potato! I am so sorry and am sending happy accidental book switcheroo thoughts eastward.

Anonymous said...

I think it grew legs and walked off into the lake! Luv Nana

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's at the top of the stairs with the fire extinguisher. I think that might be the Bermuda Tiangle area of the house. Smooches again, FMF