September 24, 2008

Drama Princess Joins the Club

Although Sweet Potato loves to create real-life drama, she doesn't want anything to do with the fictional kind-- at least in front of other people. Tonight, though, after some coaxing, we attended the first parent/student meeting of the middle school drama club, and it was packed! We asked the director if Sweet Potato could stay behind the scenes and help out with sets and costumes, and the director gave us a resounding yes. Plus, we discovered that one of Sweet Potato's new friends is also joining the club, and she did a little jig when she saw Sweet Potato across the room. Drama.

The first show, Godspell, will be performed in January.

And speaking of music, my days of listening to my songs are over. Buckaroo made it very clear today, on the long ride home from the grocery store, that he prefers upbeat tunes, especially those that repeat the word baby often. He insisted on a loop of "Take Me or Leave Me" from the Rent soundtrack all the way home. I'm going to have to make him his own iPod playlist.

R and I are taking Buckaroo to Cape Cod tomorrow to celebrate our soft landing on the East Coast while Sweet Potato is Brooklyn bound to celebrate her aunt's wedding. I'll probably be blogless for a few days, but I'll leave you with this happy little quote from my mom regarding home ownership: "You'd better get yourself a nice little sledge hammer and a pair of safety goggles."


Anonymous said...

Yippeee on both counts; Sweet Tater joining drama and your trip to Cape Cod - Enjoy homeownership!
Love QW

Suzanne said...

Congratulations on the owning! Have a wonderfully romantic trip to the cape. When you get back we'll have to talk munchkin music; Monkey Girl frequently requests Stars, California Stars that is, in honor of you and Buckaroo, I think : ).