September 6, 2008

Gargantuan Mushrooms & Rain

These mushrooms are growing in our neighbor's yard. I dashed in there to get a photo when I though no one was peeking out the windows. They don't grow so much as appear. One day nothing, next day: Poof, fungi. It looks like something oceanic.
We've got hurricane type rain happening this weekend. It really puts a damper on water skiing, and the winter clock is ticking so loudly now. Our neighbors have already pulled their dock out of the water, but R says we're leaving ours until they drain the lake in Oct.
R's got boat fever. He searches Craigslist for ski boats with a faraway look in his eyes and sometimes a little drool in the corner of his mouth. It's not as high on my list of priorities, though; our boat may be stinky but it gets us around the lake pretty alright, so we're having many conversations about this.
Update on the math book: It still isn't found. Sweet Potato was directed to look in the Lost and Found at school, but she forgot. Her teacher didn't shout at her, so it's all better. She was so worried about it that she did forget to brush her hair for the school photo. Erg.
Sweet Potato is at her sleep over tonight, so R and I left Buckaroo with the FMF and had a date. We had dinner and discussed the virtues of tin ceilings. I had a strawberry beer, too: Too much beer, not enough strawberry. Next time I'll stick with lemonade.
Speaking of dates; tomorrow is our first date with the Unitarians as they have finally returned from summer vacation. It's the merging of the water service, so everyone brings water from their travels far and wide. If I'd known, I'd have brought a bit of the Pacific with me, but they'll have to do with a bit of lake.
R has been IMing Obo, and he starts school next week. He says he's keeping updated with the blog, too.
Hi Obo! We lurve you.

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