Getting Leashed

I've been in a bit of a funk since we returned from our New England getaway, and I thought it was just because I missed my opportunity to try the world's best hot chocolate in Mystic Connecticut, but now I think not.

Here's the thing: R starts his new job on Wednesday, commuting about an hour each way. I figure he'll leave at 6:45 a.m. and be home by 6:15 p.m., on a good day. It's a humongous change from the five minute commute he had in California.

Here's the other thing: I never wanted to be a home owner. When I was growing up I couldn't understand why anyone would own a home when it would be so much more fun to travel all over the world. Later, when I learned about inflation and cost of living increases, and all that boring stuff, I thought maybe owning a home might not be such a bad idea.

Meanwhile, I was waiting for my life to start. My life will begin when. . . I'm out of college, I start my career, I get married, I get married again (you know how it is), when I get published, and finally, when I own a home. Sometimes I would have to be quiet and remind myself, "This is my life. Right now, I'm living it." I could never quite believe myself, though.

So here I am, beginning the rest of my life on Wednesday.

There was a kid on a leash at the Mystic Aquarium-- Sweet Potato argues vehemently that such things should be illegal, but there he was-- and his leash was a toy. He was all strapped up with a little stuffed monkey on his shoulder, and the monkey's tail became the tether to the boy's mama.

Is that me? Am I tethered to this beautiful house on a lake? Is it not so bad if the leash keeps me close to R?

I know I'm a whiner. Waah Waah. I've got so many thankfuls, too. Here are a few:

Sweet Potato loves school
Everything is turning red and yellow
The skies are blue
The lake is calm
My impatiens are still blooming
My husband found a job and we bought a house in this insane economy!
We're all healthy
I'm about to eat freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.


Anonymous said…
All the above is a big change for you. We'll talk more.. Love Mom
saffronchica said…
Wonderful thoughts about when you will begin our life, very common to women, I think. Past 60, I'm still dealing with those issues, but, now in Peru, am living one of those old dreams
Anonymous said…
Oh my......East Coast Drizzle Funks are great for turning your blessings into burdens. (Tethers allow you to take the things you most love on your journey with you, silly) If you are thinking that maybe Athol or High Anus isn't an exciting or exotic enough adventure, you may have misplaced your chutzpah in some traveling baggage:) I have no doubt it'll turn up soon - hopefully along with some sunshine!! Welcome home, FMF