September 12, 2008

Hiking for Treasures

Yesterday Puppy Boy's mama invited us all to hike up the mountain (it's a small mountain) behind our lake. The north side of the lake is undeveloped, with a trail that leads to a flat granite boulder where there's a beauteous view of the water. Our beach is down there on the right.

Sweet Potato brought along salt and vinegar chips, and she and Puppy Boy wrestled for them all the way up the mountain and down while they discussed Australopithecus Afarensis. Buckaroo had the easiest ride, on R's back.

I examined all of the new and interesting goodies along the way. One of my favorite trees is the birch when its trunk is all silver. It looks like a disrobing prom queen. I had no idea there were so many types of birch trees. I thought they were all the same birch turning colors during its different stages-- until just now when I Wikied it.

We've also spotted all different kinds of berried plants, and Buckaroo tries to eat them. He thinks everything is a blueberry these days, even tomatoes. We keep telling them they're bird berries, but he insists they're edible. These berries turn dark purple, aubergine even. No idea what they are.
While we were up there on the mountain, we heard big loud animal crashes, and some of our party wanted hang out and see if we could spot a moose. I thought we might spot a bear instead, so we moved along.

R has been searching for teaberry leaves since we arrived as he says one can make a tasty tea from the leaves, and we finally found it. The plant we found didn't have any berries, though. It took me a long time to decide that it smelled just like kindergarten paste. I always did want to eat that stuff.
Puppy Boy and his mama said the broken branch of an ash smelled like rootbeer, but R and I thought it was more minty.

Back home I got a shot of my blooming nasturtium!


Anonymous said...

I love these pictures. The birch tree in front of our office, it's trunk is turning white... I thought they were all white. Sounds like you had a wonderful hike. Miss you guys! Love Mom

Anonymous said...

the plant that you couldn't identify is called polk or poke depending who is talking and we have it in abundance here in Kentucky .I'm told that the leaves make a good salad but, I have never tried it. The berries aren't edible they cause ridiculous amounts of diarrhea . A lot of people call them chicken berries because they will eat them. Also if you crush them you get a kind of pretty stain.When my boy was little we used to paint the side walk with it.