September 2, 2008

On the Band Wagon

Sweet Potato has agreed to try out the school band for six weeks. She'll play piano for a while, and then she'll have to choose another instrument. She's not thrilled about the arrangement, but we've agreed to give her a break in the sport area until she's on her musical feet.
This morning I had moms and toddlers over for an end of summer splash. I think the moms did more splashing than the kids, really. It was a sunny day with just a hint o' breeze, and the water was still. Gorgy-oso. Lots of snacks and shrieking children-- a great way to say goodbye to the season, although I'm still hoping for one more turn on the skis before it's officially over.
R learned that as soon as he starts his new job they're shipping him off to Dallas for a week. He'll be gone Oct. 5-10. Grr.

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