September 9, 2008

Watching the Weather

This photo of Buckaroo was taken yesterday, while it was sunny. We spent most of the day at the mall, and the FMF asked me why on earth I would go to the mall on a sunny day. Well, I forgot that my sunny days were numbered until I was halfway there, and then it seemed silly to turn back. In October, in the Bay Area, every day is sunny. Also, I really needed a watch with a metal band (because I twist the soft bands until they break; it's nervous habit) and Buckaroo needed a good pair of running shoes. He got a new hat and truck, too.

Today I noticed that our neighbor, Running Man, was wearing pants for the first time ever, or since I met him in June. He always wears running shorts, but today he was cleaning the gutters in his jeans.

The strange thing is, as low as I'm told the temperature drops here, I thought I would be able to find warm clothes. No. All of the stores in the mall sell the same items they sell in California and Minnesota, I guess. I couldn't find a long sleeve to save my life. We must suffer for fashion? Next time I'm going to REI.

A few things I forgot to mention: R and I saw a turtle crossing the road over the weekend. He was black with a red stripe on his shell. He moved quickly for a turtle. He made it past the ugly concrete barrier and down to the water without any assistance. I thought he might be the snapper I'd heard so many stories about, but R says snappers are thorny-headed.

A caterpillar (they are everywhere) tried to build its cocoon on our stairs. It wasn't the smartest place, and when I went to get a photo of him, he'd already given up the spot. Survival of the fittest holds true for even the tiniest, fuzzy creatures apparently. Buckaroo loves the guys, so we help him pet them with one finger, and he squeals and squeals.

Oh, and I got a job. It'll earn me about $100 a year-- just enough to pay for my Lucky Charms addiction. Actually, I'm going to give up sweets as soon as I eat all of the sugar in the house, so I guess it'll pay for my once a year highlights.

R and I have been discussing siding. I know it's practical, but I don't like vinyl siding. It turns out that what I do like is only seen on 200-year-old barns that have been left to their own devices.


Suzanne said...

Monkey Girl and I cannot believe how big that Buckaroo is getting! He is so stinking cute. Seriously, he is so handsome. I enlarged his picture and MG could not contain herself; he got three sloppy kisses immediately. She's practicing his name until we can talk to you guys!

Anonymous said...

The FMF family has a Yucky Charms problem too. The Market in town sells Magic Stars - it'll get you through those shaky times for $3 a box. I have a stash if you ever need a fix:)

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Suzanne, Bucckaroo is getting to look more grown up than I want to know. What will he look like in October when we come for a visit. And T, what will you being for $100? Luv and miss you. QW