October 16, 2008

A Bit of View

R and I rearranged the furniture a while back so that the kitchen would feel separate from the living room, and while I haven't decided whether or not I like the new arrangement because I have to squeeze my tushie between the couch and kitchen table every time I need a snack, I definitely spend more time on the couch.

I've discovered that if I put a pillow behind my back in one corner, the couch is the comfiest spot for nursing Buckaroo, and I can see the tippy top of a bright red maple through the tiny window in front of me.

At this point there is no room in the house that affords a view of the lake while the viewer is seated, unless one includes the deck as a very chilly room, so until that problem is remedied this might be my favorite spot in the house.

One day the room in the photograph will be gone. R plans to tear down the walls of the bedrooms on either side, putting up one wall in the middle to allow for more space. It's one remodeling plan on a long list.

Anyway, back to my spot on the couch: I think it's a sign of progress. It's not the perfect place, not a place I would create for myself, but it's comfortable. It'll do.

Now, it seems that Elmo requires snow boots and I must attend to his needs.

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