October 20, 2008

Circling Back

I've fallen in love with the burning bush, also known as the euonymus. Yes, that would be the same euonymus that I just dug, ripped, shredded, rooted out of our garden. I love the euonymus shrub, though. I do not love the vine-- also known as winter creeper. I learned that the vine strangles trees. Creep. Too bad it didn't strangle the pine tree I want to chop down and replace with the euonymus shrub. I also learned that those elf shoe pods turned fairy fluff are milkweed. The FMF told me, back in warmer days, that I could take the kids to search for cocoons on the milkweed, but I didn't know what milkweed looked like. Now I do.

Today Buckaroo and I re-visited Cathedral of the Pines with my parents. We each wrote a postcard to be sent to a soldier and threw pennies in the tree of life fountain. Buckaroo especially liked the model airplanes but was upset that he couldn't touch them.

In the afternoon we picked up Sweet Potato from school and mosied on down to Red Apple Farm in Phillipston. It is, by far, the best farm I have visited. Apples, pumpkins, country store, tractors and goats-- something for everyone. It's like the country version of a food court. Poor Buckaroo fell asleep just as we arrived, so he and I stayed behind for the picking, but he did wake up in time to sit on a tractor, and then I had a chance to buy a mountain of fudge. Who's going to eat it all?

Since my parents have been here I've taken a couple of roads I'd never taken before, and they led me to the same familiar places-- newly familiar places. I always think it's slightly miraculous to feel completely lost and then realize that I know exactly where I am. It's a physical epiphany.

Tonight we played the Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader board game (I'm not), and right now Leisure Lee is watching the Patriots game in our den. It's like old times, except in a new place. R and I have never watched a game in this house. Sometimes I wonder if the house misses the old days with R's parents when the floors were mopped and there was always a program on TV. If it does, the house is too polite to mention it.

It's cold here now. Freezing, in fact, but the house is toasty warm. I've even noticed that the temperature indoors has dipped as low as 67, and I didn't shiver like before. Either I'm getting used to the cold or having extra bodies in the house makes the cold tolerable.

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Anonymous said...

Just got back from VT - any pumpkin fudge left? FMF