October 30, 2008

A Few Words about the Cold

I fully expected to wake up in the morning and see white powdery blankets shrouding the outdoors. Unfortunately, I can't see anything without my contact lenses, so that's what I thought I saw. Nope, just very lightly frosted rooftops. We had a toasty high of forty today from what I could tell.
The grocery stores here have a big area up front, inside the store, for shopping carts. I realized that they're inside because of the snow. I'm a bit slow sometimes, but I was dashing for the door and thought, "How convenient that I don't have to stand out in the cold to get a cart." Der.
Also, the malls out here have huge indoor play areas, and I think that must be where all of the little ones hang out during the winter. We were told that the snow would bury our swing, so there's certainly no winter swinging in these parts. The mall's ok and all, but I can only take it in small doses, and when I walk out of a mall I have the same feeling I have walking out of a casino-- like I need to hike up a mountain to balance myself out.
Well, tomorrow is Halloween. It's my favorite holiday even though it's no good for my candy addiction. I've been a bit of a Halloweenie this year, though. No decorations, no carved pumpkins. I just bought my first bag of blow pops today because R insisted that we'll get trick-or-treaters, but I can't imagine who that would be-- the raccoons?
Buckaroo, though, wore his skunk costume with pride yesterday. He doesn't even try to pull off the hoodie with ears. I think he's going to take after his mama with his love of the holiday. Plus, he'll never know about the good ol' days when we brought home pillowcases stuffed with candy and trick-or-treated in a balmy 65 degree evening, so he'll think that covering the two-block neighborhood and getting a little frost-bitten on the nose is all part of the tradition-- unless Sweet Potato spills the jellybeans.

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Anonymous said...

By golly, there will be swinging this coming season, if you hang your swing under your deck. Really quite convenient when you need to keep an eyeball on Buckaroo, while trying to find the car in the drifts:) You can eat three times as much candy here - because you'll burn off all those calories shoveling! Always try to find your silver sugar lining, my sweet. Boo! FMF