October 10, 2008

Mama Got New Shoes

My new friends have been holding out on me. R too, apparently. I was out buying dance shoes for Sweet Potato when I decided to plug "shoe" into the GPS. What came up? The Rockport outlet. At first I thought it might be sending me on another wild goose chase because the GPS woman said we had arrived, and all I could see were trees. But then, just a little bit farther--shoe heaven.

I know, and I was just going on about giving up my wants. Well, this is really more of a need. I have California shoes. They're all open and summery-- clearly not up for the brutal storms ahead, or even the soft, happy storms ahead. Trying to be positive here.

When I told R of my amazing find he said, "Oh, yeah. I used to go there once a year and buy two pairs of shoes, but I forgot about it." Wha?

Also, the sales women were so sweet to Buckaroo and even played peek-a-boo with him while I paid for my purchases. The ladies didn't even seem to mind that he pulled all of the socks from the display. Luckily, he's got cuteness on his side.

R is home in two more hours! Poor guy's been in Republican Hades.

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Anonymous said...

You're going to have to take your Mama to the shoe store. QW