October 29, 2008

News Alert: Snow

Buckaroo and I went to a Halloween party with the Mass Mamas, and afterward while Buckaroo was sleeping in the car, and I was gossiping with the other moms outside, I saw some random white flecks floating through the air. My first thought was that someone was burning paper nearby, although I didn't smell smoke. Then in desperation I thought maybe God had dandruff.

Everyone says that if it snows before Halloween we're in for a rough winter. Well, it's almost All Hallow's Eve, and they are just the teeny tiniest flakes, does that still count?

The FMF says I shouldn't worry until I really am trapped indoors and pulling out my hair, so I'm just going to make myself a hot chocolate with Emmett's and watch Lizzie Bennett and Mr. Darcy do their thing until the panic subsides.

Meanwhile, Sweet Potato just burst in the door wearing only a t-shirt, and said, "Brrr! Turn up the heat! I could really use a butter beer about now."


Anonymous said...

Sweet Tater had better tie a tether to her and that darn coat of hers! Nana

Suzanne said...

I love Sweet Potato -- that's my kind of thinking! Shoot, now I'm craving pumpkin pasties!! I found recipes for both that I just might have to make. http://www.britta.com/hogwarts/recipes.html