October 7, 2008

Orangutan Number One

I always pronounce the word or-rang-uh-tang. Why do I pronounce it that way? Is it equivalent to saying fustrated instead of frustrated?

Well, I was frustrated with my first attempt to draw this orangutan because I messed up his hands and feet, and now he looks like he's been juggling fire.

Sweet Potato said, "You know what your problem with art is, Mom? You're an artistic perfectionist."

And then she went on to mock my orangutan extremities. Lovely child.

Here's one more quirky thing I forgot to mention about our new town: When making a phone call, everybody has to dial the area code, even if it's the same. For years, I hear, everyone in town had the same first six digits, so one was required to remember only the last four digits. Gone are the good old days. They've had to introduce a new prefix recently, and now everyone knows who's a newcomer. Well, they all knew that anyway. It's a small town.

We've kept R's parents' number, so we're old school.


Anonymous said...

Irregardless of his digits, his eyes and heart are perfect. Simply lovely. -FMF

Anonymous said...

I love your art work it beau-t-mus. Love QW