October 5, 2008

Quick Note

Buckaroo's first masterpiece
The evil vine I've been battling is called a euonymus. I guess there are different types of euonymus, and R's parents thought they were planting themselves the other kind, the shrubby kind, but they got the vine. Here's a picture of the battleground.

The foreground is what I've looted from the dirt, plus some pine needles that happened to fling themselves there. That's one thing I can say for the euonymus, it didn't mind being in close proximity to the pine tree.

I'd like to chop down that pine tree (I know, and after all my talk of the wicked tree-cutting neighbors; I guess I'm turning into a true Massachusan), but R planted the tree as a wee tike, so it's special. He has no memory of planting the tree, though, and what if we planted a nice ginkgo in its place? That wouldn't be so terrible. Would it? I have nothing in particular against a pine, it's just that nothing grows under a pine-- the one thing I remember from college geology-- and it's smack in front of the house where flowers would be so welcoming.

Well, I'm off to spend some quality time with R before he leaves for Texas this afternoon. It's going to be in the low 80s in Texas all this week. I'm trying not to feel bitter; it's still Texas after all.

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Anonymous said...

Little Buckaroo is the new Jackson Pollock - Pretty good stuff, I have to say... Luv Nana