October 6, 2008

Two Very Fuzzy Bears

I failed art in 7th grade. That Mrs. Dunevitz had something against me, maybe the fact that I slept through her history class. In any case it scarred me forever.
Here I am, though, overcoming my fear. These are my polar bears in chalk pastel. This was my fifth attempt at them, and the first time I made it past drawing the circles for their bodies. They're a bit too hairy, and it's blowing in all the wrong directions. Who knows, maybe the wind does blow from all different directions in the north pole.

I love polar bears, despite their taste for belugas.

I forgot to mention yesterday that we saw this very cool spider on our way to the birthday party. He looked like a leaf caught between the slats of the picnic table until he crawled out. He seemed to enjoy his photo shoot, but the camera wasn't cooperating.
I'm off to read Snowy Day to Buckaroo and then stew some beef.


Anonymous said...

I like it!

Anonymous said...

Your Bear's a so beautiful - they should be in a child's storybook. Luv QW

Anonymous said...

Wow! Lotta amazing artwork from the Caspers-Ross' household this week! Who knew we were in the midst of such greatness!! Love them fuzzy bears!