November 10, 2008

Buckaroo Goes to Acupuncture

Buckaroo still has his allergy/food intolerance problemo, so I've decided to try anything to fix him up. Today we met with the acupuncturist, and while it all seemed kind of hocus-pocus voo doo-ey, I'm trying really hard not to be skeptical because I'm worried that my skepticism will negatively impact the results. Here's how the appointment went:

Doc asked me for a list of Buckaroo's known allergies and his favorite foods. Then I touched Buckaroo while she had me hold different glass vials of the various allergens and squeeze my fist as hard as I could while she pushed down on it. Using this method she determined that Buckaroo has food sensitivities in varying degrees to wheat, dairy, corn, peas, pork, beef, potatoes, and vegetable oil. Then I held the vials while she rolled a poky thing up and down my back and I did some heavy breathing. She doesn't have to do the treatment on Buckaroo because as long as I'm touching his skin, without crossing my legs, the energy will flow through me and into him.

After we did that a few times, she gave us a bottle and dropper of distilled water that has been energetically altered by a computer to mimic the treatment we had today. That water will help alter the message in Buckaroo's body telling him that he's allergic, so instead he'll have a message telling him he's not allergic. She has an eighty percent success rate, so I am not scoffing.

Buckaroo was nervous at first, but he warmed up and was soon holding his own vials and counting breaths with the doc. Of course, his counting is a little spotty, but she didn't seem to mind. In the end, he hugged her leg and ran out of the room showing everyone his bottle of drops. A success.

Today we just worked on a few of the allergies, so we have five more sessions before we knock them all out. Send us luck and help with positive thinking.
PS. R took this picture of the lake yesterday.
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Anonymous said...

Wow! Interesting appointment - I love eastern medicine and i will keep a positive thought. I also love the picture of the lake! QW