November 12, 2008

Food for Thought

Today Buckaroo and I visited our new best friend, Amherst Mass. We went because there's a Whole Foods and Trader Joe's right next to each other and just because we like to get out of the house.
Also, I've been reading You: Staying Young by Dr. Oz and another really old guy who looks young, and they say, among other things, to eat turmeric three times a week. I was inspired to make a menu for the week -- ok, so it's Wednesday already-- that included an abundance of turmeric. With the shopping list in my hot little hand, Buckaroo and I scooted West. At least I think it was west.
It's a beautiful drive out there, winding, piney, and rocky with nary a misplaced dog grooming salon to mar the scenery.
Buckaroo slept in his car seat while I munched on my home-made "No-More-McDonald's-for-You-Missy" trail mix and listened to another podcast of This American Life.
We arrived at Whole Foods just as Buckaroo was waking, and we shopped our little hungry hearts out. We even discovered that Buckaroo loves satay tofu-- which he calls fo-fu-- especially if he can stab it with a fork.
On our way home we drove past all of the little brick bookstores, bakeries, toy shops, and the many students riding bicycles to and from the university. It made me nostalgic for my Chico days. We had to hustle home, though, to meet Sweet Potato after her long day at school. When we did arrive home I announced that Amherst was where Sweet Potato should go to college. Unfortunately, she has her college eyeball set on Berkeley where she plans to room with her cousin. That girl's gotta mind of her own.
In any case, we must get back to Amherst very soon and check out Food for Thought Books.


Anonymous said...

Glad you loved Amherst! I lived there for four years (while at the university) and miss it very much. I think our book club should do a field trip there and spend the day!

Anonymous said...

I want to tag along - next trip out we gotta go. Luv QW

Anonymous said...

Love it! Great music scene - prefer Northampton for the arts and funky factor. Approve of your new BF!! Love, FMF

Kristen said...

Being an MHC grad, I love the area too.