November 25, 2008


R was wrong. I really think those weather goddesses are teasing me, but this morning: no snow! I've never been so happy to see rain.

According to the weather report, no snow all week! A reprieve. Shew.

So now I can tell you how I've fallen into the leaf ridiculousness: R spent a good long time de-leafing the gravel on Saturday, and we still have huge piles of the things all over the place. We've decided to hire someone to scoop them up and away because R would like to spend some time with his family on the weekends instead of wrestling the leaf blower.

Then yesterday I came home from acupuncture with Buckaroo asleep in the back, and I sat in the car and watched our neighbor rake up all of her leaves and make a huge mountain of them right on our property line, right where we have to look at them and where the next big wind will toss them willy nilly into our yard-- except that I guess it will all be covered in snow soon, but still.

I know last week I was all about the leaf love, but this week I'm a bit miffed. I told R we need a fence. I've turned into Mr. & Mrs. next door. (Did I mention they put up an ugly chicken wire fence on our property line, on the other side of the house from leaf mountain, to keep our leaves from blowing onto their lawn?)

However, our fence will not be ugly chicken wire.

R, though, doesn't seem to be bothered by leaf mountain at all, and he's the one who did the work, so maybe I should just let it go. Bah! Leaf Shmeaf.

Oh, and somewhat unrelated-- Last night, on the way to Sweet Potato's parent-teacher conference, I noticed how beautiful the bare white birches are growing beside all of those gray leafless oak trunks. I really need to get outside at night more often.


Anonymous said...

I believe in tall, tall, tall, fences. I would like a ten foot fence just so I don't have to look at our neighbors. How was the conference? Love, Mom

My Little Cuties said...

Snow today... did you see? I'm not ready!!!