November 7, 2008

This & That

I've been so domesticated this week. I spent way too much money at Michael's, but I (sort of) made this lovely fall wreath. Actually I just bought the wreath and some beady things, and R did the magic crafty combining thing that I cannot do. Isn't it pretty? I probably could have made the wreath out of all the fallen branches in our yard. Well, I couldn't have, but somebody could.
I also bought plate pedestals to display the plates Obo and Sweet Potato made many summer moons ago. I have to buy a few more before they're all displayed, but I think they break up the wood on wood on wood monotony a little.
Plus, I finally replaced the frame for the wedding picture that the movers crushed. It's beautiful and makes me happy.
Oh, and that reminds me-- we're having our family portrait taken on Sunday at our neighbor's farm. Well, it's a family portrait minus one. That's the price of procrastination I guess. We'll have another one done when Obo returns this summer.
In other news: R was in a car accident yesterday. He was rear-ended by a rude-O who gave R a hard time for reporting it. When R called to tell me what happened he said, "The good news is that statistically I won't have another car accident." I'm pretty sure he was thinking of that moose I've mentioned, but he didn't come right out and say it. He's somewhat cranky and sore but otherwise ok.
Sweet Potato came home from drama class and said, "Guess what! I have to strangle someone." Apparently, she is a killer weed in the school musical and must strangle an innocent plant-child. She is less than thrilled and says there's no chance of being a happy-fairy milkweed now. I had no idea there was murder in Godspell-- or I thought there might just be the one biggie. Is that blasphemous?

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Suzanne said...

You are amazing, T C R! (If I were making my comment vocally, I'd definitely use your three names -- and any other names if you've got 'em!) I needed a pick-me-up, and your sweet, happy story-telling voice just poured out of your blog. It was like magic, like frosted lucky charms, packed with magic deliciousness. I feel lighter! I am totally going to make a wreath like yours. I am totally going to call a photographer to ask him or her take our picture and our monkey's. I totally going to listen to Urinetown, because I don't have a copy of Godspell. And I am totally going to order Godspell because we used to clean house to it when I was a little girl and maybe it will inspire me as we get ready for our Thanksgiving guests. (I don't remember weeds, but man, that sounds like my kind of musical; I sure loved Little Shop of Horrors!)

Oh, and I am sorry about R's accident. I hope he is 100% happy R soon!