January 15, 2009

Dream Stories

We've all been having crazy dreams this week. Maybe it has something to do with winter, the cold, the snow, feeling like hibernating bears.
Sweet Potato dreamed she was playing hide-and-seek in the forest. She ran too fast, fell off of a cliff, and was headed for the rocks and ocean below. She knew she was going to die, and her last sad thought was, "I'll never be able to think again."

I am alternately impressed and fascinated by that last thought. At 11 my last thought probably would have been, "I'll never see my dog again!" Also sad, but not quite as deep.
R dreamed that he stayed too long at the fair-- Well, it was a bar actually, but the fair sounds more romantic, doesn't it? His friends talked him into it, he stayed all night and, oooh, he knew I was going to be one unhappy wife when he finished his walk of shame.
Strangely, the same night I also dreamed that I was mad at R. We were back in California and getting ready for our big going-away yard sale. At the last minute, and without telling me, R decided it would be a yard give-away instead of a sale. Plus, he was giving away my new bicycle. That wasn't so terrible. The worst part was that he was giving away all of my memorabilia. I realized that people were walking away with my photo albums-- the ones I pilfered from my mom ages ago. My baby pictures, my preggie mom, my lanky buck-toothed dad, were all being carted away by strangers. I started chasing people down the street and snatching my treasures out of their hands. "There's been a mistake!" I kept shouting. I looked at R all big-eyed, and he just shrugged.
R woke me up to say goodbye, and I didn't even want to kiss him I was so angry.

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