January 8, 2009


Today is the one year anniversary of my bloggity blog. R took this picture of the kids and me in Chico, CA, about the time I started Fish Head Soup. I wanted to visit my old college stomping grounds one last time before leaving the state. It was cold, the kids were kind of bored (just wanted to spend their Christmas moo-la at Target), and the car broke down on the way home. It wasn't a big break down, but big enough that we traded that lemon.

As I was digging through the computer looking for a January '08 photo and seeing the pictures of our old de-furnished home, I was thinking about how long we lived in limbo-land.

R first suggested we consider buying his parents' house while I was pregnant and at a writer's retreat at Hedgebrook. I remember emailing my friend Laura in excitement and fright: "Sheist sheist sheist sheist!" That was in October of 2006. We decided to visit The Woods in July of 2007, so I could look at the place again from a homebuyer's perspective, as I'd only visited once before.

We moved the following June. I am not a waffler, for the most part. I don't like to ponder my decisions for too long. I just jump in and see how it goes, and if it all goes to Hades in a handbasket I chalk it up to experience, so being in residential limbo for nearly two years was quite a personal accomplishment. So glad I'm not there anymore.

That leads me to a whole new place. I have been shopping like nobody's business-- clothes, home items, music, toys, groceries. I've been trying to figure out what's gotten into me. I like to shop a little, but I've really been going wild. I think Sweet Potato was even overwhelmed with her number of Christmas gifts this year (almost all books). Looking back at last January reminded me: I bought almost nothing new for nearly two years! Every time I thought about buying something I had to decide whether or not it was worth shipping, usually not.

Also, we left so many of our goodies in California and came completely unprepared for winter. We live in a house decorated straight out of the 1950s and not in a hip way. So much to be done!

If R is disgruntled by my spendiness he doesn't mention it. He does occasionally mutter about the flailing economy and how he's afraid he's going to lose his new job. I, however, am perpetually optimistic.

So it's been a year. Obo is gone, Buckaroo speaks in sentences, Sweet Potato is a weed in the school play. R commutes an hour and a quarter to work and back most days, and I trudge through the ice and snow with my big boots and my heavy coat.

Last January I couldn't imagine life in The Woods. Now I sort of feel like I'm living in someone else's movie (with someone else's props, too). I wonder when that feeling will go away. Maybe next year when I'm doing my year-in-review I'll think back nostalgically on how I feel now.

In the mean time, I've made another big purchase: plane tickets back to California. Ten days in the February rain and blossoms. Yay!

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Anonymous said...

Yippee for plane tickets- I'm in desperate need of a family fix. You never cease to amaze me - your life is always full of surprises an this is a good thing! Love, Mom