January 26, 2009

Staycation Blues

We've got some seriously mixed emotions in our house, and I think we must represent a big chunk of America.
I am so happy about our new president that I get all teary-eyed every time I think about him. I'm just so darn-- I have to say it-- hopeful.
At the same time, R and I both know there are many dark days ahead of our country (and possibly us). One news report said that the recession will last 18 months at least, won't hit bottom until this summer, and after that the rise back into the sunlight will be slow and tedious.
Which brings me to the White House-- or possibly, it keeps me out of the White House. I told R I needed to plan our summer vacation. I'm so worried about my return from California and the post-visit funk, and I thought that planning our next trip would pull me from the gnarly grip of the winter bummers. We finally agreed on D.C. I bought a travel guide.
Meanwhile, R has become more and more concerned with the lack of work coming his way at the office, and tonight he announced-- well, it was more like a hushed plea-- that perhaps it would be unwise to plan a trip at this time.
Of course he's right. How could I disagree with such practicality? Still, I'm not sure I'm up to the long, snowy march toward spring without the big, Capitol carrot dangling in front of my nose.


Anonymous said...

I'm hopeful too and get teary eyed as well. In our local paper today a few community members cannot wait to jump on the band wagon and start blaming the Obama Administration. I always try and remind myself, "it's a temporary situation and our nation will turn around but it will take time. Keep positive thoughts about our future. Love Mom

Anonymous said...

Why don't you run for office? That would pass the time.

Anonymous said...

I cried at least four times when they showed that "At Last" clip from one of the balls. It's a tremendous time to be an American. One day at a time Pumpkin. There's still ice fishing, and the Feb. Cabin Fever parties coming up, St. Patty's Day, swimsuit shopping for the summer....Don't fret dear friend. You've got Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Conn, and RI to do. Washington Shmasington, go local!! FMF-for the last two posts :)