February 24, 2009

Another Thing or Two about Snow

When it snows, parking rules no longer apply. If one cannot see the white lines in the parking lot, one is not required to park between them, apparently. This works well for me as I've always had difficulty squeezing my rear-end into anything.

Also, every third truck out here has a snow plow attached to its grill. It seems a very convenient thing: any sticky situation, and one just pushes her way through. Come to think of it, I could use a verbal snow plow or an emotional snow plow. Maybe I could attach it to my forehead.

In other news: Sweet P has misplaced her iPod perhaps on one of the many airplanes that dashed us across the country. I've contacted Continental, and they say they'll get right back to us after a full search. They must have a full-time employee whose job it is to search for missing items? I'm dubious. Anyway, send your finding-lost-items energy our way.

1 comment:

My Little Cuties said...

I'm curious? How do you park between something you can't see? It sure makes for less spots in a crowded lot though. I hope they find the ipod!