February 27, 2009

The Slushies

The lake is a stew-- maybe a vichyssoise. It's 50 degrees today, the water is pouring off of the roof, puddles are gathering and waiting to become icy slides for bootless ramblers.

I am restless. As a recovering drama-addict I need a little bit of excitement to keep me afloat. My brain needs a bone to chew-- which is maybe why I've become a bit obsessed with adopting a dog. I search petfinder.com daily. I read doggie owner tips. I've requested Cesar Millan's books from the library. I've got a quote for fixing our tree-crunched dog kennel. I spend a lot of time considering invisible fences. Are they cruel? Obo says yes.

But this doggie business is too far away and nebulous. I don't really know if I'm ready for another toddler in my life, and I don't want to break a canine heart.

So I left R a voicemail yesterday saying, "I'm tearing down walls now," and I got as far as pulling down the doors before R put a halt on my destruction. In my defense, I thought we had agreed upon and settled all of our renovation desires, but I forgot how much R likes to ponder things before he acts upon them. I'm a jump-in-and-see-what-happens kind of a gal. R, however, is not that kind of guy, and it's probably a good thing. Mostly I think we balance each other out fairly well, but right now I'm feeling like the scale is all weighted on his side: no vacation and no renovation-- at least not yet.

He says, "You just went to California!" Yes, I know. But what's next, Baby? I've got ants in my pants.

I realized last night, as we were going around in circles about the wall tear-down (or lack of), that the excitement I am seeking is not in arguing with my husband. So today I rearranged the kitchen sitting area. It's not quite the destruction and resulting glorious view of the lake I was anxious to have yesterday, but it'll get me through today. I'm not sure about tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

You are definitely a girl who's got the shpilkes! I thought that wall was on "agreed" borrowed time as well!! Next time, just tell him you've got a surprise for him, leaving out the demo details. Tell him to go out for three beers before coming home:) and have a martini ready when he comes in. He loves you enough to forgive a little disaster or two. And Buckaroo and Sweet P are welcome to stay here when you can't figure out how to make the construction zone safe again immediately. There's a lot to be said for the power of extreme enthusiasm!!

Anonymous said...

Can you still walk on the lake? Send pictures right away - I'm anxious to see progress on the destruction of the walls. Good Luck with the dog hunt - Love, Mom