March 17, 2009

Blue's Blues

Blue doesn't eat. I've been working with Sarah, the lovely doggie angel from Ahimsa, to figure out what's causing the food aversion. First we thought Blue was just in transitional shock. Next, maybe his tummy was upset from his antibiotics (he also had a double ear infection), then we thought maybe he was just stubborn. Maybe it's all three of those things, but in two weeks he's lost ten pounds.
Sure, he needs to slim down a bit, but this is some kind of crazy crash diet.
Meanwhile, he vomits. He drinks a ton of water in one go and then spews out a bit of it. Sarah thinks he might have a water disorder because his previous parent denied him a filled bowl. Leave it to me to adopt a dog with a drinking problem.
The vast amounts of water intake may be an indication of diabetes, so he's had a blood test. Also, I'm supposed to bring in a sample of his urine. They recommend using a ladle. You'll never want to eat soup at my house again.
Until we know what's going on, we're supposed to feed him any kind of bland, non-greasy food he'll eat. Tonight for dinner he had a bit o' bread.
In other news: This is day two of weaning Buckaroo from his bed time milky drinking and the first step toward complete night weaning. So far it's been a beautiful thing, except that I don't get to listen to the podcasts or books on cd anymore. I will miss the stories, but at least now I don't have to worry that Buckaroo's going to call some little girl a saumensch on the playground.
Sweet Potato will attend her first dance on Friday night. She's playing it cool, but at least she's going!
R sweet-talked a guy at church who builds post and beam homes to come and have a look-see at our project by the lake, but-- and I find this fascinating-- the guy is totally booked until September! Economy Shnonomy.
Tomorrow is supposed to be roasty toasty (well, you know, 55) so Buckaroo and I are heading down to the muddy playground. Maybe we'll see ya there!

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