March 30, 2009

Buckaroo Composes a Poem

It goes a little something like this:
Mama is a raccoon
Mama is a monster
Mama is a ladybug
Honk Honk Honk
I love you.
R says it's a language poem, but I think not.
Have I mentioned that it is stinkin' spring! It makes me so happy I want to burst out in tears. As of yesterday our frosty lake is all water again. Today the Lake Folks put the boards in the dam so it will fill up.
There are no flowers yet, although I've heard tales of sprouting tulips. Our flowers will come last as we are in the snow belt, and it's cinched tight. We've still got a few spots of the frozen white stuff in our yard.
I've never felt so happy about spring. Ever. I had never waited like this for Spring Equinox or wanted to celebrate it with such wild abandon. It always got my feathers up a bit when people complained that California didn't have seasons, and I still stand by my belief that California has two seasons-- maybe two and a half. However, there is no spring there-- just those couple of months when winter is a little warmer or summer is a bit cooler. It all flows together. There certainly was no mud season in the Bay Area, unless one wanted to hunt it down.
Here though, everything is melted and wet, and dirt colored. R's dad says the birds should be back soon, and today I saw a cardinal twittering in the twigs outside Frog Mama's house.
We bought Buckaroo some cow galoshes. They're black and white spotted with cow faces on the toes and tails on the back side. He won't wear anything else, and it's probably a good thing since we have rather large puddles on our road, and he's recently become a connoisseur of jumping.
Sweet P, on the other hand, refuses to wear a jacket. She came in from the rain after school today and looked like a bright pink, and very wet, rodent.


Anonymous said...

Would it be so terribly bad to hide Easter eggs in the snow; I think not... I'm happy for you in knowing spring has sprung and your little face is cheery and bright. I love the new poet in your household - he looks pretty proud in his picture. Sweet P - does P stand for popsicle? Love you guys - Mom

Suzanne said...

Hooray! I too am so happy for you. I stole a peak at your bloggity-blog on my way to studying this morning, and Monkey Girl must have sensed Buckaroo was near. She pounced on my tummy and immediately announced with great delight, "Seamus have Wild Rumpus Shirt!" Wherever did find it?

Anonymous said...

Yipee, let the Wild Rumpus begin!!! And a stanza of perfect bright-eyed, blossoming toddlerhooddom to boot! That goshdarn kid is too precious for words. Happy, happy, happy Spring! You really have no blooms yet? Not a crocus to be found? Hmm, some transplanting to be done this year. Trashbags full of perennials coming your way. Make room in the rocks!! Get the mucky muck boots out! FMF

Patricia Caspers said...

There used to be a Wild Things museum at the top of the Metreon. Later it was the Titanic exhibit, but I don't know what's there now. Anyway, I bought the shirt at the museum gift shop for Sweet P when she was dinky.