March 24, 2009

Sweet Blue Goodbye

I was planning to go to church Sunday morning, but I took a nap instead. It was that kind of day. It was a light nap, and I could still sort of hear Buckaroo going wild with his trains in the other room.

Then I was standing in a forest where everything was green and warm, and in front of me there was a small, clear, pool of water and a deer bending his head low and drinking from the pond.

Even though I grew up in deer country, I still get excited to see them. There's something comforting about a deer. I stood behind the deer, a bit to one side, just in awe of the moment and the quiet, hoping not to startle him away. And then the deer transformed into Blue. He was shorter and darker, with those long silk-floppy ears and his sniffy nose.

I didn't call to him. I just watched him continue to drink (that dog had an unquenchable thirst, maybe caused by the cancer that took over his kidneys) and I knew he was Ok. He wasn't disappointed in us for letting him go.

Later, I looked up deer in an online dream dictionary, and this is what I found:

The Indians of North and South America gave deer a spiritually important role. They believed that the souls of men passed into deer at the time of death. The deer in your dream may be a symbol of gentle and helpful parts of your psyche. In order to understand the message of the dream, think about what situation in your life would benefit from gentleness and soul-fullness?

Rest in Peace, Blue.


Anonymous said...

I miss him.

Anonymous said...

Your words are so sweet - I didn't get a chance to meet Blue but it's as if I knew him through your eyes.

Chantal said...

Oh man Tricia I didn't know. I am happy that Blue found true love from a family before he passed what a gift.

Patricia Caspers said...

Thanks Chantal. We're glad we got to know him, too.

Anonymous said...

Everything happened just the way it was supposed to. All screwed up and painful and perfectly wonderful rolled all together. Bless all you guys. :)FMF