April 5, 2009

The Birthday Buckaroo

If you ask Buckaroo how old he's going to be on his birthday, he holds up five fingers and says, "Two!" with much enthusiasm. If you ask him what he'd like for a present he shouts, "Cake!" Good thing he's wheatable now.

Yesterday we had a tiny party for our little guy, and then today we left him with the FMF and headed out to Boston for the day (Sweet P was already there visiting her dad).

R and I had lunch at wagamama. It's a noodle bar. Yum. Then we made a slow sunny circle through Boston Common where we heard the buskers, saw people walking their dogs, their babies, their brooms (R was baffled by that last one), watched the soccer boys and the frisbee hippies, listened to dozens of conversations in a plethora of languages all under a joyously blue sky. We even saw sprouting bulbs! Such fabulousness.

In the afternoon we scooped up Sweet P from the Omni Hotel and headed home. She spent the weekend walking the Freedom Trail and watching oodles of television with her dad. I think it was just what she needed, too.


Suzanne said...

Happy Birthday, Buckaroo!!!

And hooray for wagamama! Yet another reason to head your way. Wagamama is yummers!

Anonymous said...

Seeing that little face - made my eyes mist up. I'm glad you two and Sweet P had fun in Boston- sounds like a wonderful time! You'll have to tell me more about Wagamama. Love, Mom