April 11, 2009

Discovering the River Rats

It was a bit frigid today, but that didn't stop us from hanging out with the river rats.
The River Rat Race is a five-mile canoe race down Miller's River from Athol to Orange. There are the serious get-your-paddle-outta-my-way canoers, and then there are the paddling seven dwarf types (actually, there were only two dwarves, but it would be hard to fit all seven in one boat).
I don't know when this photo was taken -- it's borrowed-- but it was much sunnier that day than it was today. In fact, I don't think I saw a spot of sunshine out there. Luckily our new friends, Green Mama and family, had a toasty barrel fire, and I ventured away from it only long enough to watch the canoes whiz by us. Plus, the fire was near the food, and the food was delicioso (clam chowder from heaven), so there was really no reason to go anywhere.
Those rats were having so much fun, though, I almost wanted to join them. I'm thinking July might be a better time for me, though. I have been know to fall out of a boat.


Kristen said...

Glad you could join us! Once in a blue moon the weather is glorious, but part of the mystique is braving the early April chill.

Anonymous said...

Warm fires, hot food, friends and fun. I can see you paddling your way down river in a canoe. I've been known to fall out of boat myself - yikes! Love, Mom