April 8, 2009

Egg a-Hunting We Did Go

Buckaroo did his first real egg hunting today. We skipped over to the house of our friends Finn Mama and Finn Girl where we met up with other egg connoisseurs. The kids all decorated paper bags while Frog Mama and Finn Mama hid the treasure, and then we sent the little ones into the wilderness to find the loot. It's not really wilderness, as you can probably tell from the white picket fence in the photo.
It was good practice for the real deal on Sunday. I'm not sure how the Easter Bunny is going to hide those eggs in the rocks. Buckaroo might be hunting for egg salad.
Later, it snowed. Just itty bitty flakes, but snow none-the-less. I mean, really. Enough already.
In Sweet P news: The girl has new dance pants (and they are about as itty bitty as those snow flakes I mentioned) and is very excited about her recital next month. We are not quite as excited as it runs four hours long, and Sweet P's dance is at the very end. Still, she looks awfully cute shakin' her tail feathers.
Oh, and today Sweet P informed me that the word hip is very dorky. I can still say cool, though.

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