April 9, 2009

A Menagerie of Sorts, Including the Tooth Gremlin

Here's a random list of happenings in The Woods:
! You've heard of the Tooth Fairy, but do you know about her mythical evil twin, the Tooth Gremlin? This is the vile creature who grows toddler teeth, inducing much slobber, finger chewing, and 3 a.m. thrashings-- and on Buckaroo's birthday, too.
! We may have found an optometrist who will provide Sweet P with contact lenses at the crazy age of 13. Also, appointments with the orthodontist to be made.
! Sweet P will be enjoying Greek Day at school. She's providing the olives.
! This weekend we are all attending something called the River Rat race in Athol. Will follow with more details as they become clear. I hope there's no swimming involved.
! Next weekend we are off to The Cape and hoping it will be a bit sunnier than the last time. I'm excited about my first visit to visit P-Town. It's unclear whether or not Sweet P will join us in the big elf shoe. She may or may not have been invited for a mini-break with a friend from school that same weekend.
! The following week R has client in New York. That's right, the Big Apple. Is it only tourists who call it that? Like Frisco? In any case, I'm pulling out all of my bargaining chips to score a ride-along.
! We had some major stinky plumbing problemos this week (I'll spare you details), so we're thinking a new septic system is working its way to the top of our To-Do list.
! Also nearing the top of the To-Dos is the yard. R's dad knows a guy (actually, he knows everybody) who will scoop away the dreaded rocks for us so we can plant a couple patches of grass and flower-up the side-yards. Then we're going to have some sand delivered for the beach, put up a gazebo-y thing down there, just in time to do some serious marshmallow roasting this summer.
! R still loves his job, and oddly it's turning out that the farther afield he works, the earlier he returns. Today he worked on the cape and was home by 5 o'clock. Ta da. I still like the days he works from home best of all.
! I am seriously researching used bookstore ownership. The only glitch is that most used bookstores make about 40% of their sales online. I would have to hire a special online sales person because I am wretched about getting myself to a post box. I have excellent intentions, but always get lost somewhere between buying the postage and sealing the envelope. Maybe I was Bartelby the Scrivener in a past life. He's been on my mind a lot lately. Is it possible to be a fictional character in a past life?
! Oh, and Obo. He's landed himself a job bussing tables in a pub (when I was little someone I knew got a job bussing tables, but I thought she was busting tables and couldn't understand why someone would be hired to do such a thing). So now Obo is swimming in the dough. He'll be swimming in the lake with us this summer.
Will you?


Anonymous said...

I hope there are no rats involved in the River Rat race!

Anonymous said...

Just when you think you need a job - other opportunities spring out everywhere. Sorry to hear about the tooth gremlin. Love, Mom