May 24, 2009

The Jesus Moth

Sweet P brought this moth in the house yesterday. I'd never seen one before, pink and yellow like something out of a fairytale. She said it landed on her shirt and was dead. We were visiting with R's parents, so we set it aside so I could snap a few photos later.

After about five minutes we noticed a big moth attacking the kitchen light, and it was the same moth. Not dead. Or possibly risen. I said "It's a Jesus moth!" There was a quiet pause in which I thought I had terribly offended R's parents, and then R's dad said, "You mean it's the resurrection and the light?"

"Yes!" I said, and then R captured it so I could snap a few photos and we let it go.

After some research I discovered that it was a rosy maple moth. Such a sweet name, too.

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Anonymous said...

holy moly:) -FMF