May 4, 2009

Ropes Course

R and Sweet P spent the day in the woods with the UUs on Sunday. Sweet P had a full day of teen bonding, wall climbing, and rope coursing. She chose not to participate in the high course, but R said he didn't want to push her because she had a great time and really came out of her shell with the other girls. She even chose to ride back with them on the way home.

R thought he might be able to walk the course, but parents were not allowed, so he was the trip photog for the day.

I am gearing up for my trip to CT to pick up the pooch. We've decided to change her name-- after reading some research that said it wouldn't traumatize the dog-- because there was a very famous dog named Jasmine who lived on the lake a long time ago, and R thinks the older folks might be a bit baffled by another one. I thought Belle would be a good name for a southern doggie, but R says it's too girly. We've decided to wait to (re)name her when we meet her, but here's our list so far:

Indigo (because Buckaroo wants to name her Blue).

We're still brainstorming, though, so we may come up with something completely different.


Suzanne said...

Not that you're interested in my two cents on this, but seeing as how I've gotten many a chigger in the countryside outside Nastyville, Tennisshoe, I decided to give 'em anyway. I do like all of the names, but fully endorse Scout, Harper, and Indigo (like the Girls -- I'm singing Southland in the Springtime right now) as they conjure your gal's Southern roots. I trust y'all'll do good. I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

She definitely needs two names: Maisie Lou, Miss Harper or Tessa Mae. Something you can really scold her with when she up on the counters:) Good luck to all, luv, FMF