July 13, 2009

An Evening Sojourn with Bells

Buckaroo and I had a rough evening. It was due, in part, to my general grumpiness-- I dragged us around to one too many places-- and his refusal to eat much beyond fried potatoes for any meal, including tonight's dinner. As a result I needed a long walk while R wrestled Buckaroo into bedfordshire, and, as luck would have it, poor Bella Blue Sky hadn't had a decent walk all day. I decided to take the camera. I went rather wild with the effects; please forgive.

I've had complaints from more than one corner about my lack of blogging of late: slogging. I'll tell you what my problem is: TEE VEE. R and I have become completely addicted to Boston Legal. We netflix one after another and can't stop ourselves from partaking in a nightly episode or two. We used to read, write, and have conversations, but those days seem to have disappeared. Ah, well. Eventually, we will finish the entire series and squint at each other from across the room, as if to ask, "Don't I know you from somewhere?"

A little news: R has begun the search for a ski boat. We test drove a boat last week, just so I could feel the raw power of the inboard motor (R surmised correctly that a test drive would woo me toward his side of the lake in this ongoing conversation). I was nervous about driving the boat with the sales-stranger on board, since I don't quite know what I'm doing yet, but I managed to make a wake. As we were leaving the boat salesman said, "I've been selling boats for seven years, and you're the first woman I've ever seen test drive one." Shocking.

Ans total randomness: A strange thing happened today. I had an old voicemail from a friend's husband, Frog Daddy, on my cell phone this morning. He had called because he couldn't find our house-- yadda yadda yadda-- I'd forgotten about it. Normally R is the only man who calls me, so when I listened to my messages this morning and heard a man's voice, for the briefest, fleeting moment I thought it was my dad. In that sweet second my brain said with such conviction, "I knew you weren't dead!"
Isn't it strange, the tricks our minds play when we think we're paying attention?


Anonymous said...

I love all your pictures! Pretty cool to you test drove a boat. They handle a bit different than a car. It seemed they have a bit more play in the steering and the turning radius is a bit different too. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

I meant pretty cool "you" test drove....