July 7, 2009

Squeeze Right

R and I have an expression we use when we are grumpy for no good reason: "You didn't cuddle me right."
To be fair, I have to say that we lifted this expression from a friend who told me the story of a co-worker who came to work in a huff because her boyfriend 'didn't cuddle her right' that morning. My friend told her co-worker-- and I'm paraphrasing-- to call her boyfriend immediately and tell him she was an idiot.

So, in our house, "You didn't cuddle me right," has become code for, "I'm an idiot."

A few weeks ago Buckaroo and I were dashing to Orange in search of sunlight when I spotted the above "Squeeze Right" traffic sign which I think is supposed to indicate that one must merge. I thought of our dear little expression, and it struck me so funny I nearly sprayed the windshield with Earl Grey.

Here are some other funny Massachusetts findings: They mow the medians here and have big highway signs to notify drivers that median mowing is taking place. I don't remember ever seeing median mowing in California, but maybe that's one of the reasons for all of the wildfires out there. Plus, R pointed out, there's no summer rain in California, so the median weeds aren't a-growin'.

And in a non-highway-related note: The waitstaff here will ask if you'd like your muffin toasted.
My friend Frog Mama doesn't eat her muffins any other way. I tried it and think I prefer mine microwaved; I like a soft muffin.

Finally (for now) voting days: I'm mostly peeved about this because I'm such a lazy voting bum, but I know I can't be the only one. Massachusetts has this handy little law called Prop 2 & 1/2, which means that taxpayers won't have their taxes raised more than 2 & 1/2 percent per year without voter approval. It's a great idea in theory-- except that 2 & 1/2 percent doesn't match inflation-- and as a result there are bazillions of overrides upon which we must vote again and again. I've voted more times in the last year than I had in all my time in California.

The problem with this system, in my humble and admittedly under-informed opinion, is that voter turnout is already wretchedly low, so the only people who vote for these overrides are the folks who are staunchly against them, and then they fail. I know this because I personally slept through the last voting day (I blame the evil cough syrup, nasty stuff) and as a result forgot to remind R to vote as well. Now, among other things, the schools are going to have to cut bus services or ask parents to pay for them, and I feel personally responsible. Bah! Plus, come September, I'm going to have to get off of my lazy tushie and drive Sweet P to school at some ungodly hour.

So I'll probably wake up every school morning in my grumped up state and shout, "You didn't cuddle me right!" Poor R.


Anonymous said...

Grilling and toasted aren't even close. "Do you want your muffin grilled, Honey?" I knew you didn't really like it.

Anonymous said...

I just realized that your little posts on facebook linked to this blog. I would always start reading your stuff and think, "why'd she stop writing, It was getting good." Now I know where "the rest" went. lol

Sara A.

Patricia Caspers said...

Frog Mama-- Grilled! You're right. I just think of grilled as something done on the bbq, and that seems really wrong for a muffin.

Sara-- Welcome to the blog! Thanks for checking it out. :)

Anonymous said...

How can you not like something plunked down on a greasy grill? Sometimes I wonder about you. xo, FMF