July 31, 2009

Walking in a Spider Web

On foggy mornings Bella and I have to tiptoe around the spiderwebs dotting the stones surrounding the house to reach Bella's powder room. I have a feeling that on non-fogged or misty days we just don't see them and barrel right through.
Sorry little spiders.

I'm not sure, but I think these webs may come from grass spiders. It's the closest match I could find on good ol' Google. I wonder though, if they were grass spiders, wouldn't they live in the grass? We certainly don't have any of that. Yet.
This second photo is a cob web I found hanging above our dinky dam. Sweet P's preschool teacher told her (all those years ago) that the difference between a cob web and a spider web is that cob webs are abandoned; spider webs are clean and well tended. I always meant to look that one up.

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