August 10, 2009

The Waterskiing Boy

Look at this handsome face! Isn't it just smoochable?
Obo does not enjoy having his picture taken, and he really does not enjoy having his photos tossed out to the online world, so nearly every one of the 10,000 photos I've taken of him are just a blurry hand, but this one slipped through. Ha!
The boy finally hopped up on the skis today and stayed on top of the water for about 200 feet. It's a record. We plan to have him zipping around the lake before he hops on a plane back to the land of the jolly.
Here's the Obo quote of the week: Upon requesting a third helping of dessert, "I can't help it. It's my stomach! 'SHUT UP stomach!'" You might have needed to see his angry hand gesturing at his tummy.
I'd like to share more of the funny things Obo says, but they are mostly inappropriate. Funny, but totally inappropriate. He is fifteen, you know. He and Sweet P have bonded so tightly around bathroom humor.
We've got 10 more fun-packed days with the English Boy from America. Our agenda includes: One trip to the Boston Children's Museum
One fish and chips dinner with the Grandma and Grampy (although Obo doesn't eat fish. I said I thought it was unpatriotic for a Brit to refuse fish and chips. Obo said he can't wait until I visit him in England so he can disabuse me of all my British notions).
One horseback riding adventure in New Hampshire
One visit to Old Orchard Beach in Maine for roller coaster rides and chilly ocean swimming
One trip to Burlington for Indian lunch with R and a trip to the mall so Obo can spend his birthday money
Oh, and the lake zipping
Not sure we'll squeeze it all in, but we'll give it the old New England try.
He's hovering over my shoulder now to ask if this bloggity blog is finished. It is.


Anonymous said...

Yes! He is a handsome boy!!! It's great to hear you're having so much fun and more to come your way. I enjoyed our webcam visit last night. Little Buckaroo was the topic of our conversation last night. He's pretty entertaining and I loved every minute. Love, Mom

Suzanne said...

Oh, you are the best family EVAH! This bubbly bloggity blog made me miss you all more. I'm so very, very happy you're together and having such a lovely time.