December 6, 2009


I wonder if the progression of one's perfume choice says something about her. Here's mine:

1. Love's Baby Soft
2. Stetson (I know, it's men's cologne. I wore it anyway).
3. Obsession
4. Tresor
5. Truth
6. Now I'm lucky if I remember to wear deodorant (or everyone else is lucky). Also, I've become aware of other people's scent sensitivities, so if I wear perfume I have guilt.

My friend Sparkle Mama (formerly known as Green Mama) and I went out for a bit of shopping and a bite last weekend, and when we ventured into the scary little bathroom at the Mexican restaurant, Sparkle Mama pointed out the Spray-O-Matic and noted that she had not seen one since she was a itty bitty.

I had never seen one.

The idea, I guess, is that people like me who forget to spray themselves up before going out on the town, can sneak off into the powder room and and splash on a scent. Only a quarter a squirt!

Sparkle Mama and I decided to test it out. The only available scent I recognized was Obsession, so I went with that one. It did look somewhat toxic right out of the nozzle and honestly, it smelled a bit toxic, too-- like old lady powder gone way south. It was not the Obsession of my youth.

When I told Sparkle Mama I had never seen, let alone experienced, the Spray-O-Matic, she wondered if they were just a local gadget since the one before us seemed to have been crafted in Massachusetts.

I tried to Google around for more information on the company but found only the Spray-O-Matic name on a list of possible polluters in Lawrence, MA.

Oh, but I have a feeling they are polluting dive bathrooms all over the state. Perhaps you have a Spray-O-Matic story of your own?


My Little Cuties said...

I've never seen one either!

Anonymous said...

Mysterious brown ooze. Nice!

Anonymous said...

The little drippy brown spot on your arm looks toxic. However, something is ringing a bell in my memorey banks but it's to far embedded that I can't remember exactly what it is about the perfume machines in the bathroom? Mom

Kristen said...

I first encountered a Spray-O-Matic in the bathroom of the Singapore restaurant in Fitchburg. I can remember begging my mom for a quarter so I could get a spritz of Jovan musk.