January 3, 2010

A Few More Words about Winter

Well we have officially arrived at winter, and I console myself with the thought that every day brings a little more light.

I moan about the cold more than I should, probably, because winter sans ice storm is really so incredibly much better than winter avec ice storm. My knuckles are tapping wood as I write this.

Here are a few more things I'm learning to love:

Sledding: We took the kiddies sledding down a big hill at Sweet P's school. The hill was nearly gigantic, as far as I'm concerned. The children were undaunted. Buckaroo didn't even mind getting a faceful of snow as he and R zoomed through the chilly fluff. My favorite part was the post-sled tomato soup and grilled cheese sammies.

The way the snow sparkles the air like fairy dust when falling from the trees in the sunlight.

The post-storm white quilt of snow on every branch.

The way Buckaroo's cheeks are bright pink apples when he comes in from playing in the cold.

I think I will love ice skating when I have a pair of skates that fit me properly, and perhaps when my ankles have built up some strength. We borrowed skates from the neighbors, and while it was an adventure, I could only skate about a minute before I needed to rest my feet. Sweet P, on the other hand, had much more endurance but struggled to stay upright.

Also, R gave us all crampons for Christmas (Sweet P doesn't let me say this word out loud as she says it sounds like something inappropriate). If you don't know, crampons are metal spikes surrounded by rubber webbing that one attaches to one's shoe soles for ice grippiness. I love them! Now the frozen lake really is one big front yard.

There are things I don't like, too, but I won't go into those at the moment as I'm feeling so warm and fuzzy about the weather. I realized today that while a bit of thunder and lightning can be exciting, I'll take a chilly, snow-covered, blue sky winter day over a warm and rainy one pretty much any time-- now that I have the proper attire.

I never thought I'd say that, let alone write it.


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I thought you might like that one.

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It looks very cold but at the same time you guys look like you are having so much fun with the beautiful white stuff. I've always liked snow but never really ventured into all the activities one can do. I once took you sleding with my friends, tried snowboarding and never once ice skated. I love the picture! Love, Mom