February 17, 2010

Worcester Magazine

If you've not yet heard me blabbing on about this, my poem "Bargain" is now in Worcester Magazine, along with a very edgy photo of me. HA! I'm about as edgy as a marshmallow.


Anonymous said...

I loved your poem and picture. There was a sense of innocence in your photo maybe it went hand in hand with the subject of your poem. My friend Molly loved your poem too and said, "she is quite the poetist" Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

can't wait to see it! fmf

Suzanne said...

I stumbled upon the link on your bloggity-blog to Worcester magazine on Tuesday morning when I was supposed to be very diligently writing. I promptly dropped my work and began an email to you with the following subject line: Hot damn, you LOVELY, LOVELY poetess! This was after I tried composing multiple facebook wallposts capturing my glee at your notoriety and failed. I finally resolved to call you so my voice could do the work my written words could not. I still will call, but I wanted you to know how very, very, very smiley I am about this celebration of your wonderful talent and the imprint of your Bargain on my skin. With much love!